Welcome to my website! On the following pages you will find a brief introduction to my instruments, my attempt to share what I have learned with others, and a few of my friends. I hope that these pages will convey some sense of my approach to guitarmaking and leave you with an interest in my work.

Since 1983 I have been building classical guitars. It all began for me when, as a guitarist, I was seeking a hand made instrument for myself. My search led me to the late Frank Haselbacher who built classical guitars under the "Augustine" label. At his shop I had my first experience with truly exceptionally sounding, beautifully crafted guitars. This began a life long friendship. Through his kind guidance I learned many of the principles of guitar making and developed an appreciation for fine classical guitars.

As interest for my instruments increased and with repair and restoration demanding more of my time, I eventually left my day job in 1999 to practice lutherie full time. I work alone and spend most of my awake hours in my climate controlled workshop and studio. My shop is situated adjacent to my home located in the rural seacoast of "Downeast" Maine.

An expression of gratitude is in order here to the many kind friends who have helped me. I am indebted to all the talented players whose candor in evaluating my guitars over the years has contributed to the development of the sound and playability of my instruments. I am equally indebted to the guitarmakers who have been generous sharing their time and experience with me. All of you know who you are; many thanks.